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Female Entrepreneur Focus: Sarah Turner

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Off To See My Lawyer are cheered to hear about yet another woman who has turned an adverse situation into a business!

It was only two years ago that Sarah Turner was first diagnosed with breast cancer, and had to undergo chemotherapy which caused her hair to fall out.  Dissatisfied with the existing market for unflattering headwear and uncomfortable wigs, Ms Turner decided to come up with her own designs and pitch them to various British milliners.  She now runs her own on-line business, Elizabeth Rose ( selling fashion-led headwear for women with hair loss.  Ms Turner writes on her website, “I am delighted to be able to give you an exciting seasonal collection twice a year.  My aim is to bring you style and a little bit of joy and confidence back.”

Off To See My Lawyer would be interested to hear from you if, like Ms Turner, you have a good idea for a product and the necessary motivation to market and sell it – but perhaps lack the skills and resources to actually manufacture the product in the first place.  We now have such an admirable client base of female entrepreneurs, we may be able to help you source an appropriate business associate to complement your own skills!  For any such assistance, please contact Jo Tall at

EU Regulation on “cookies” to be more strictly enforced in May 2012

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Prior to May 2011, the owners of UK websites were legally permitted to set up a system whereby small data files called “cookies” could be automatically installed onto the hard drive of the computers of any visitors (to the website).  These cookies record the on-line browsing activities of the visitor – both for the essential purpose of facilitating certain transactions (such as the sale of a product), and for the less essential purpose of targeted advertising.

On 25 May 2011, however, the UK implemented new EU Regulations which essentially require the consent of the consumer/ website user before a cookie is installed on his/her computer. The Regulations recognise the fact that certain information needs to be retained in order for an on-line transaction to take place.  Therefore it qualifies the rule by applying it to any personal information which is not “strictly necessary”.

The UK authorities allowed for a 12-month “grace period” which is due to end on 26 May 2012, which means that a breach of the new law could mean a monetary penalty – and in some cases even a criminal prosecution, if deemed serious.

Of course, Off To See My Lawyer adapted its template Privacy Policy in time for 25 May 2011, and we have been advising our clients accordingly – so existing clients need not be concerned about the end of the 12-month “grace period”.  For any prospective clients, however, please contact Jo Tall at for advice on how to comply with this E-privacy law.

Female Entrepreneur Focus: Judith Brown

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

One member of the Off To See My Lawyer team recently visited the Contemporary Textiles Fair at Teddington’s Landmark Art Centre, and was especially attracted by the unique work of Judith Brown.  The design of Judith’s jewellery is based upon her own unique stitching with wire, and her affinity with textiles and vintage haberdashery.  In addition to making and selling her jewellery on-line and at trade fairs, she runs jewellery workshops.

Those of you who are at the early stages of starting a business selling home-made products may be interested to hear about Judith’s initial experiences.  She says, “Once I started experimenting with wire I was hooked and started looking for places to sell my work.  I began with a few local galleries and events…  The initial reaction to my work was great, with people commenting on how unusual it was and buying it as well.  It took me a while to hone my designs and understand what sells and what the customer and galleries want.”  Furthermore you may wish to follow Judith’s blog: or simply visit her website:

If, like Judith, you are interested in setting up a jewellery-selling business (whether you have designed the pieces or not), we recommend you use the British Library’s detailed information sheets on what aspiring jewellers need to consider.  Off To See My Lawyer’s “oven ready” document shop provides templates for selling products on-line, and more specifically we have recently developed a version especially tailored for the sale of jewellery.  The Terms of Sale of jewellery on-line are essentially the same as those for the Terms of Sale for other products – in that customers have a general right to return items purchased online within seven days.  We have, however, incorporated into the template contract a few other considerations relevant to the sale of jewellery.  Similarly, Off To See My Lawyer can assist you to set up a business which runs workshops and courses.  Please contact Jo Tall at for further details.

Martha Lane Fox

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

You could say that Martha Lane Fox is something of a “serial entrepreneur”.  Co-founder of she now leads a number of other enterprises:

By launching Race Online 2012 back in March 2010 she aspires to “make the UK the first nation in the world where everyone can use the web”.  Impressed by this initiative, the newly formed Coalition Government appointed her in June 2010 to advise them on how to provide better, more efficient online public services and how to help more people benefit from the power of the internet.  Her title, no less, is “UK Digital Champion”!  (

Martha Lane Fox also formed the organisation Antigone in 2007 which collaborates with a number of charities every year.  The aim is to learn about the needs of socially excluded people, and to help promote their causes to the Government and the press – thereby facilitating their financial situation and ultimately their success and well-being.  (

Another business which Ms Lane Fox runs is a karaoke chain called Lucky Voice.  (

Website legality talk at BHive

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Don’t miss my workshop on website legality tomorrow,Thursday 31st March, at the lovely BHive club in Covent Garden from 1-2. See for more details. Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. I want your websites to be “practically perfect in every way!”

Did you know that the ASA will soon begin to regulate marketing communications on your website?

Monday, February 14th, 2011

From 1 March, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will begin to regulate marketing communications on companies’ own websites under the CAP Code. With that date fast approaching, CAP Copy Advice has introduced a new bespoke website audit service for advertisers who want the peace of mind of knowing that their online marketing communications are likely to comply with the mandatory rules.

Copy Advice Website Audits offer a tailored and expert assessment of your marketing communications on your website against the CAP Code with a view to encouraging and promoting compliance with the advertising rules.

The audits identify:

?         The parts of websites that are likely to feature marketing communications covered by the advertising rules

?         The broad regulatory issues raised by marketing communications on websites e.g. price claims, health and nutrition claims, availability of goods or services, environmental claims, protection of under 18s and children etc.

?         Examples of marketing communications on a company’s website that are likely to breach the CAP Code and advice about how to amend them

?         ASA adjudications or other information relevant to the potential breaches of the CAP Code identified on the website.

Copy Advice website audits are provided as a premium service. A standard audit costs £800 + VAT and takes up to 10 working days to complete. As the content and depth of each website can vary significantly, the Copy Advice team will undertake an audit only after confirming the scope of the request and the final amount payable. Non-standard requests that require more extensive resources may be subject to an additional charge.

Interested?  Please visit the Copy Advice Website Audits section to see an example of a standard Copy Advice website audit and details on how you can take advantage of this new service.

Why gamble with the ASA? Make use of CAP Services for all the help you need to comply with the Advertising Codes, from free newsletters and online tools to training events. Sign up to CAP Services now!