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Free tele-summit ‘Is your website legal?’

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

You have had the amazing idea for your business, splashed out a small fortune on a shiny new website or simply spent hours yourself creating it. The website is now open to the world, but is it legal? Did you even know that it had to be legal?  The answer is a big YES!! There are serious fines and implications if you do not comply with certain laws and have some key information on your website and stationery. This is regardless of whether you sell or not.

For instance, if your website is not legal, you risk:

  • Up to £500,000 fine and possible imprisonment for data protection offences
  • A so-called “Stop Now Order” from The Office of Fair Trading and other enforcement agencies which as the name suggests, means stop business, NOW!

    Stop NOW!!Copyright Brian Snelson

    Stop NOW!!
    Copyright Brian Snelson

  • Being asked by the courts to publish corrective statements to eliminate the continuing effects of past infringements.
  • Bad publicity for your business as many punishments are broadcast on the enforcement agencies’ websites

None of this is good for business and absolutely gutting when you have put so much time and effort into your website and all in good faith too. Most website developers are not aware of these laws either.

Lest you break out in a cold sweat, fear not as I will be revealing exactly what you need to be legal and how to do it as part of a special FREE tele-summit for entrepreneurs hosted by Wendy Kerr of Corporate Crossovers on 17th Sept 2013 at 1pm. You simply register and then sit back and listen to the interviews from the comfort of your own office! There is a great line-up of experts to help you in other areas of your business too

I really hope you can join us. All details are here

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