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Festive glow from one of our clients

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Soy Candle Collection The Soy Candle Collection sells beautiful hand-made candles made from 100% eco soy wax, which is produced from pure soybean oil. The business was set up by two friends and we helped draw up the agreement between them covering all key areas such as how they would make decisions, how profits were to be split, what they could spend money on and how to deal with the situation if one of them wanted to leave or was unable to continue. One year on they are still going strong and we like to think it is because they are built on solid foundations.  Take a peek at their range here.

The founder commented:  ” We have been delighted with Off To See My Lawyer!  Jo offers a very professional service, delivered in an approachable and friendly manner, effectively communicates and translates complex legal requirements into a workable business format to help build and support our business. Jo’s help has been very valuable and we would highly recommend Off To See My Lawyer.  Thank you Jo!”