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5 things to disclose by law if you are a limited company

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

By law, if you are a limited company you must set out the following information on your website and in your e-mails (and good old fashioned stationery!). This  is because of the principle that customers should know who they are dealing with and be able to write/visit a real person with a real address:

  1. The limited company name NB. If you use a different name to your actual limited company name, you need to tell your visitors in a footer, so as to alert them that they are actually dealing with a limited company. (See additonal words in brackets below *)
  2. The place of registration
  3. The company number
  4. The registered office address
  5. The company’s VAT number, if applicable

So the details to put in a footer or contact page would look like this:

[* ‘Quicksavers’ is the trading name of] Excellent Business Limited Registered in England, Company No. 12345, Registered address: 3 Greenacres, Vale of Eden, Worcs., WR14 2BB.         VAT No. 12345

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