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5 things to disclose by law if you are a limited company

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

By law, if you are a limited company you must set out the following information on your website and in your e-mails (and good old fashioned stationery!). This  is because of the principle that customers should know who they are dealing with and be able to write/visit a real person with a real address:

  1. The limited company name NB. If you use a different name to your actual limited company name, you need to tell your visitors in a footer, so as to alert them that they are actually dealing with a limited company. (See additonal words in brackets below *)
  2. The place of registration
  3. The company number
  4. The registered office address
  5. The company’s VAT number, if applicable

So the details to put in a footer or contact page would look like this:

[* ‘Quicksavers’ is the trading name of] Excellent Business Limited Registered in England, Company No. 12345, Registered address: 3 Greenacres, Vale of Eden, Worcs., WR14 2BB.         VAT No. 12345

Happy trading!companies house

Beware of the Companies House scam

Monday, June 9th, 2014

I recently filed my Annual Return with Companies House. In case you were not aware or are new to owning a limited company, Annual Returns need to be filed once a year and effectively are a snapshot of the company’s ownership. As a director it is your legal duty to file this document and if you don’t you may be looking at a nasty fine and even a criminal record! Filing is done easily on-line and you simply pay a fee of £13 to do so. See Companies House guide here for more details. Phishing-Scam

That aside, having filed mine, I received what I thought was an acknowledgment from Companies House and inviting me to open an attachment with a copy of the Annual Return in it. I am getting wise in my old age and sadly now double check EVERYTHING. Luckily I did as it was a scam and had I opened the attachment it would have triggered an awful virus into my system with heaven knows what consequences.

Differences are often hard to spot as in this case it seemed to be just hyphens eg ”” compared to: “”. I understand from Companies House that they never attach zip files so that is also a good indicator

Bottom line: be ever so careful with every email and if in doubt, absolutely do NOT open any attachments.

PS Don’t rely on the email addresses I have quoted above as the scammers may have changed it yet again. Companies House have a list of the current scams with pictures of what fake emails look like. See here for more details. What a world we live in…..