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Clubbing for Entrepreneurs…

The coincidence of the invention of cloud computing; the increase in locations offering free wifi; and the upward trend for flexible working, now means that the sight of people tapping away at their lap tops in a public place is a common sight.  Do you have a favourite café where you like to work?

Unsurprisingly, the hospitality industry has responded by developing a new type of venue for business people who don’t operate from fixed offices.  Two such examples are The Hub, based in EC1 and N1, where entrepreneurs can subscribe as members from £25 per month (; and The Hospital Club in WC2, where annual membership costs £650 plus a joining fee of £250 (  Both aim to create inspiring environments in which people can network and collaborate as well as work alone.

…The likes of the RAC and the Athenaeum have clearly had their day!

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