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First the cookie monster, now the jam jar police!

In these times of recession and trying to save money, you would have thought that going back to traditional skills of jam making and selling the fruits of one’s labour at farmers’ markets or for charity would be welcomed. Many retailers have reported a large surge in jam-making equipment over the past few months and even model Kate Moss and the Duchess of Cambridge are reportedly taking up the pastime. Our European law makers across the Channel evidently disagree. They have enacted a law that prohibits the re-use of jam jars! Containers may only be used commercially if they have been designed for that use. As jam jars are not technically sold for re-use, then technically they cannot be re-used!

Beware the jam jar police! Photo by Alamy

No doubt the intent behind the law was to protect against food contamination, but surely common sense must prevail. Do we need laws to tell us not to sell milk in old petrol cannisters, for instance? I think not!

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