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5 biggest legal mistakes made by business owners

Some of these examples may appear far fetched, but sadly they are true. You all have amazing businesses and put so much effort into them. Please don’t let it all be for nothing or involve needless expense in litigation. Bottom line: consult your lawyer at the beginning– not after it has all gone pear shaped!

  • Mistake No.1: Signing a contract without reading it or putting your glasses on!
Don't forget your glasses!

Don’t forget your glasses!

Solution: read all of the terms and if something is not clear, do not be afraid to ask for clarification

  • Mistake No.2: Agreeing to pay money regardless of whether the goods/services have been delivered or not!

Solution: agree specific milestones that must be achieved before you part with your money

  • Mistake No.3: Using freelance designers without an agreement as they will own the design, not you.

Solution:Have an agreement with them that spells out that you own the intellectual property rights in everything they create for you.

  • Mistake No.4:Getting someone to design a website for you without a detailed specification and losing thousands of pounds/going bankrupt!

Solution: have an agreement with them and a detailed specification of what it is you want, with clear processes for testing before you part with your money.

  • Mistake No.5: believing that registering a limited company name is the same thing as registering a trademark!

Solution: Limited company names just register the business name at Companies House. Trademarks are looked after in the UK by the Intellectual Property Office and are completely seperate.


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