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Female Entrepreneur Focus: Emma Wimhurst

Working at Revlon in the late 1990s when the Spice Girls were at the height of their success, Emma Wimhurst saw a gap in the market for coloured cosmetics and decided to found her own business, Diva Cosmetics.

What makes Diva Cosmetics interesting is that each cosmetics range is supplied to one retail company on an exclusive basis, so that the brand identity becomes more closely associated with that particular retailer than Diva Cosmetics.  In this way Ms Wimhurst has successfully developed and supplied cosmetics to high street chains such as New Look, Monsoon Accessorize, River Island, George@Asda and Claire’s Accessories.

After selling her business in 2003 Ms Wimhurst decided to become a business mentor for other up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and now is a frequent motivational speaker as well as the author of her business advice book, “BOOM!”  She maintains that when running a business, every entrepreneur needs to focus on seven specific categories:

1. Business Strategy

2. Business Planning

3. Marketing Management

4. Practical Finance

5. Team Building

6. Customer Commitment

7. Personal Development

Her website states, “Her goal is to put the passion and the idealism back into business, to inspire people from all walks of life to follow their dreams but to ground their dreams with tried and tested strategies that will support them in tough times and propel them forward during times of growth.”

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