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How to run a successful business

I wanted to share this guest blog from my good friend, Wendy Kerr of Corporate Crossovers:

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So you want to run a more successful business, but maybe you are not sure where to start?

When I completed my survey last year of 300 Corporate Crossovers who had all left their job to set up their own business, a key issue for them was learning all they needed to know about running a business. Whilst they were brilliant at their chosen field, whether it be consulting, hat making, retail or pet management, many of them were stumped when it came to the details of running the business.

Related to this is the fact that 68% of them are making less in their new venture than in their last job. But even if they were paid more money, they still wouldn’t return to work, yet they want to be more successful in their businesses.

In answer to this, and to help business owners do what they love and earn the money they are worth, I have created a free tele-summit to help you improve your business.

A tele-summit is simply a conference held on the phone! You select which speakers you want to listen to, and then dial in. The best thing is, if you can’t make the call live, when you register, you will receive the call recordings after the event.

I have handpicked the experts, as I know they will be best suited to really help you! Pithy, actionable advice and tips that you can put into action straight away to improve your business. I know all of them, and I am delighted they are joining up with me!

There is a great range of topics from “Is Your Website Legal”, “Pricing for Profit”, “Twitter for Business Success” and even something on your relationship with money! I will be speaking about How to Stop Having An Expensive Hobby and Start Running A Business.

I would love you to join me and my friends so you can really improve your business success today!

All details are here….. ‘see’ you on the call!

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