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Website Terms of Use – (info only, no forum)

Why do you need this?

When you have a website, it is effectively a store front open to the world with invisible customers. You do not know what they will do with the content or why they need it. So you need to lay down the rules for them to see and, most importantly, to limit your liability for the content and protect the know how within the website. These are all embodied in the Website Terms of Use.

If your website hosts a lot of content, with lots of links or forums or provides sensitive information, then please do consult us as these terms may not be enough for you.

When do you use it?

You should display your Website Terms of Use prominently as a hyperlink on every page of your website. You can also link it to your Privacy Policy. In this way, web users are put on notice that terms apply and by continuing to use the site, they are deemed to accept the terms. Make sure it is updated regularly to cover any new features or content on your site.

What are the key terms in this template?

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