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Virtual Assistant Starter Pack

Why do I need the Virtual Assistant Services Agreement? If you are a virtual assistant i.e. someone who provides secretarial and administrative help to businesses without necessarily meeting up with the client face to face you need to have terms in place that set out what you will do for the client and what your rates are etc.. Without it, your relationship will be based on assumptions. You may not get paid, your liability for any mistakes may be unlimited and you may end up with more responsibility than you intended!

When do I use it? Every time you take on a new client.

What are the key terms? The agreement is structured as an 8 page contract with a separate schedule for all of the variables such as price, payment terms, length of contract, services you will provide. It also:

In this pack you also get the Privacy Policy which is required by law if you collect personal details of customers and website visitors and the Website Terms of Use which set out the rules for visitors to your website and protect your content and limit your liability for the content and any links you provide.

REMEMBER: this pack entitles you to 30 minutes free commercial legal advice which may be taken up to 6 months from date of purchase. A little bit of peace of mind for you as you embark on your new venture 🙂


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