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Why do you need this set of documents?

This Starter Pack has the key documents needed by law when you launch a website in the UK (or indeed if you have already launched the website and completely overlooked the legal bit!) It is especially suited if you are selling goods online. Each template comes with guidance notes to help you tailor it to your business.

What is in the Starter Pack

A Privacy and Cookie policy
Inevitably, once up and running your business will start processing details about customers including their names and addresses. For example:

By law (Data Protection Act 1998) customers are entitled to know if you process their personal details and if you will be sharing them with third parties or sending them outside the European Economic Area . This is what the Privacy Policy does.
Also, under the new ‘Cookie law’, visitors must also be given the opportunity to expressly agree to the installation of ‘cookies’ on their site before they are installed. This Privacy Policy template addresses that point too and provides suggested wording that you can use with your visitors. [read more]

Terms of business for selling on-line
These terms ensure that you comply with the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 which apply to all contracts where the parties do not meet face to face. For instance, consumers must be given clear information about the goods or services before buying. [read more]

Terms of Website Use with forum rules
When you have a website, it is effectively a store front open to the world with invisible customers. You do not know what they will do with the content or why they need it. So you need to lay down the rules for them to see and, most importantly, to limit your liability for the content and protect the know how within the website. Forums, in particular, can be potential sources of controversy and liability for you as people can post all sorts of content-all under YOUR BRAND if they are not tightly controlled and presented with strict guidelines. These will all be embodied in the Website Terms of Use.
If your website hosts a lot of content, with lots of links or provides sensitive information, then please do consult us as these terms may not be enough for you. [read more]

Small print Checklist for your website, stationery and e-mails
In view of the fact that your customers don’t meet you or enter a physical shop to inspect the goods or services they want to buy, the law gives them a right to basic information which you must provide .This is as a result of the E Commerce and Distance Selling Regulations. This applies whether you sell or advertise over the internet, by e-mail or SMS messages. If you do not follow the law, the Information Commissioner’s Office can come after you with an enforcement notice, a possible fine and there may be criminal sanctions too. This isn’t very good publicity for your business either! [read more]

30 minutes of  legal advice
This can be by phone or email and is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase of your Starter Pack. Very handy if you need help with any of your templates or if any issues crop up as your business grows!

BUY the Starter Pack now £391+VAT ( SAVING £69 if each document were bought individually!!)


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