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Small Print Checklist

Why do you need this?

In view of the fact that your customers don’t meet you or enter a physical shop to inspect the goods or services they want to buy, the law gives them a right to basic information which you must provide .This is as a result of the E Commerce and Consumer Contracts Regulations. This applies whether you sell or advertise over the internet, by e-mail or SMS messages. If you do not follow the law, the Information Commissioner’s Office can come after you with an enforcement notice, a possible fine and there may be criminal sanctions too. This isn’t very good publicity for your business either!

When do you use it?

Before you send out e-mails or SMS messages and before your website goes live.

What are the key terms in this template?

This is a check list only setting out the key pieces of information you need to display.

It does not cover additional information requirements that apply to the actual sales process .Please refer to our template Terms of Business for Selling Goods/Services .

Where can I find out more?

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