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Prize Draw Kit

Why do I need this document?
Prize promotions are tightly regulated. If not followed you could face the following consequences:

It really is not worth risking the above!

When do I use it?
When running a prize draw where all the entrants have to do is submit an entry and winning depends on chance rather than display of any particular skills. If your promotion involves skills, you will need a different set of rules. Please contact us for further advice.

What are the key terms?
The Prize Draw Kit consists of a comprehensive Guidance Note, a handy checklist, the Prize Draw Rules themselves and an abbreviated version for you to use when space is limited such as at an exhibition stand. Note that these are for use in the UK only as special rules apply abroad.

Where can I find out more?
The Committee of Advertising Practice (‘CAP’) has produced a free guidance note which regulates promotions in general and prize promotions in particular. See: CAP also publishes a help note on promotions with prizes

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