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Privacy and Cookie Policy

Why do you need this?

Inevitably, once up and running your business will start processing details about customers including their names and addresses. For example:

What is a “cookie”?
Sadly this is not edible and is simply a special bit of technology that is sent to your computer when you access a website. The cookie then makes a note of the details you enter and remembers them. Which is why when you go back to a site and enter your details, strangely they pop up before you have even finished typing them! You do have the choice whether to accept a cookie or not-just like the edible ones I guess…

By law (Data Protection Act 1998) customers are entitled to know if you process their personal details and if you will be sharing them with third parties ore sending them outside the European Economic Area . This is what the Privacy Policy does.

Also, under the new ‘Cookie law’,visitors must also be given the opportunity to expressly agree to the installation of ‘cookies’ on their site before they are installed. This Privacy Policy template addresses that point too and provides suggested wording that you can use with your visitors.

When do you use it?

BEFORE you gather and process customer/web visitor personal details. Your Privacy Policy should be displayed on your website (ideally as a link on every page) and especially at the point where you collect any personal data. This should be linked to a ‘tick box’ statement which customers have to tick to show that they agree to you processing their data and sending them marketing e-mails. Don’t just assume they do!

PLEASE NOTE: this is just an outline of the law. Entire books have been written on the subject, so please contact us if in doubt.

Remember! If you are going to be processing personal details you are likely to have to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office. It is simply a matter of completing a form setting out the types of data you collect & process and for what purpose. The fee is £35/year if you are a small company or £50 for large companies. See for more details.

Where can you find out more?

BUY Privacy and Cookie Policy now (for processing within EU only) £99+VAT

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