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One Way NDA

Why do you need this?

In order to protect your unique ideas, business plans, inventions and trade secrets… If you just reveal them to potential suppliers, clients, partners etc without making them keep the information secret, you risk losing the lot! This document is therefore between you and the other party and obliges them not to disclose information that you have shared for a specific purpose. Note also, that if you are disclosing information on something you hope to patent, unless it has been kept secret out of the public domain, you may lose the right to patent the invention.

When do you use it?

BEFORE you disclose your plans etc.. Take it along in duplicate to all of your meetings with new suppliers, distributors – any third party and get them to sign before you start talking. If they don’t want to sign it, then you probably don’t want to do business with them.

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Where can you find out more?

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