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Terms of Sale for Digital products (including e-books)

Why do I need this document?

You need this if you are selling digital products such as on-line courses or downloadable e-books. It sets out the rules between your business/you personally and your clients including compliance with latest Consumer Contract Regs should you be selling to consumers. It will ensure that customers know what the payment terms are and when to pay you and protect your digital content. It is also important to limit your liability for the content you provide and these terms do that. It is the difference between getting paid or not; clients enjoying their relationship with you or the phone ringing with disgruntled customers or worse : customers tweeting how lousy your service is because they have assumed something that you never said you would provide!

When do I use it?

Use it every time you sell your digital content or online courses or ebooks via your website.
Don’t forget: if you have an on-line service, you will need Terms of Website Use and most likely a Privacy & Cookie Policy

What are the key terms?

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