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Customer of the month-From studio to beautiful home…

 Business: Amory Brown, a creative design studio based in the heart of Central London amory-brown-logo


English Home magazine cover


Their story: founded by Lucy Heathcoat Amory and Hannah Brown and now proudly featured in leading glossy interior design magazines! Brilliant!

Legal problem: Having run the business for 5 years , Hannah always had a nagging concern about not having a water-tight contract document which she could use with her clients.  The interior design projects involve a lot of different elements, rely on close attention to detail and bring in many different contractors and suppliers, so there is a lot of room for mistakes and problems to arise.  Initially she had drawn up her own simple contract letter and then moved onto using an industry standard contract. However this seemed totally non-user-friendly, overly lengthy and was not completely up to date.  She needed something which made her feel protected from all the problems she had learned could arise whilst undertaking work for her clients.

How Off to see my lawyer helped: We put together legal terms that were user friendly both in terms of aligning with what happended in practice and having terms that were understandable to Amory Brown’s non business clients. We also reduced the business’ exposure to subcontractors who had no legal contract at all by making sure that they too were subject to proper legal terms.

Some of their beautiful designs

Some of their beautiful designs

In the words of the customer: ” Off To See My Lawyer asked me to provide as much detail as I could about the way I work and the problems that have arisen in the past on projects and then provided and tailored a package of easy to read documents which covered all the required areas; letter of appointment, fee schedule, services schedule and our terms of business.  There was no need for a face to face meeting although there was an email dialogue that ensued until all the documents covered everything that I wanted them to cover and were accurate to my business.  They also suggested that I needed a contract with my suppliers as well as my clients which is something I had not considered before.   

The service provided and the documentation supplied was easy to comprehend and did not seem to be filled with jargon that I didn’t understand.  If I did have anything that wasn’t clear to me, Off To See My Lawyer cleared it up quickly by email or over the phone.  Because there was no need for face to face meetings, this cut down on the hourly rate fee and in fact we agreed to a fixed fee which allowed me to feel comfortable with the investment and not worry that the hours would mount up beyond my budget.

 I now feel much more professional and protected because I know thought and time has been put into creating two contracts which are tailored to my business and my needs.”

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