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Fit For A Princess

Background: Fit for a Princess Ltd ( ) was set up in 2003 and specializes in group outdoor workouts and boot camps for women. One of our lawyers was enticed into one of the bootcamps despite 6 am starts and is now a FFP groupie!  They also offer personal training and a host of female- focused fitness events & workshops .When they decided to offer e-books, training videos  and other goodies from their on-line store, they realised they would need detailed terms & conditions  and a formal ordering process.

How we helped: Off to see my lawyer carried out a free business health check which led to a ‘shopping list’ of legal documents to protect the company. Fit for a Princess Ltd instructed us to prepare virtually all of the documents on the list. This was a mix of ready-made documents from our document shop and tailor made terms of business for them. They now plan to expand the business by franchising the brand and again we have been able to help by drafting  the Franchise Agreement and ensuring the business is protected as it spreads its wings..

Customer’s feedback: “Jo Tall really is the Mary Poppins lawyer; she is professional, friendly and has a way of bringing even the most boring of things to life! She brings all the legal jargon into joe bloggs language which means you come away from meetings or reading documents actually understanding it all. For us, the best thing was her looking at what we needed, prioritising what we had to do, letting us do some of the basic stuff and giving us a summary of what she was going to do, how much time it was going to take and the cost implications for each thing.  There was no hard sell with her and we trust her implicitly, we know she has a genuine interest in our business and she is so very passionate about what she does. We couldn’t recommend her more!”- Janey Holliday, Director, Fit for a Princess Ltd

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