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Customer of the month- growing in leaps and bounds!

Sunday, March 8th, 2015
Copyright 2015 Bobby Rabbit. Bobby Ravbbit is the registered trademark of Nicky King

Bobby Rabbit is the registered trade mark of Nicky King

Bobby Rabbit

Business: Beautiful Children’s Interiors



Their story in the founder’s own words: “Hello, I’m Nicky.  And this is the story of a well-loved toy rabbit. Bobby arrived on my very first birthday, with lots of love from my nana. And from that day onwards – and for many years afterwards – he accompanied me everywhere. Today, over thirty years later (and with 2 wonderful children of my own), I am incredibly excited to be realising a lifelong ambition and launching a

Meet Bobby Rabbit!

Meet Bobby Rabbit!

website dedicated to stylish children’s interiors, beautiful toys and inspirational party ideas. Having spent nine years in Paris and London, sourcing and creating design-led children’s interiors and toys, and more recently becoming a mum myself, I know how long it can take to find something really special that doesn’t cost the earth. And as a busy parent, time is precious. Bobby Rabbit, named after my very own childhood treasure, aims to unite the very best products for babies and children under the age of eight in one place, under one roof.”

Legal problem: Nicky faced all of the problems that most start ups encounter. Given her personal ties to the brand, it was vital to her to protect her business name and logo. She was  also worried that in giving advice in relation to childrens’ interiors and accessories should could expose herself to liability.

How Off to see my lawyer helped: we were able to advise on terms to limit her liability  and our Starter Pack was the most cost effective option to get her website going. Our expert trademark lawyer helped her to register Bobby Rabbit as a trademark so that is now safely protected.

A cosy den corner designed by Nicky King

A cosy den corner designed by Nicky King

In the words of the customer: ” Starting a new venture is never easy, but it becomes so much simpler when you find the right people to work with. Jo has been incredibly supportive and reassuring during the two years I have worked with her in establishing my business. She is professional, efficient and extremely approachable, always available on the end of the phone or email no matter how small or large the query. It is real pleasure to work with her and I would wholeheartedly recommend her services.”

Beware of the trademark scam

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

I recently applied to register a trademark with the Intellectual Property Office. Within a few weeks I received an offical letter from the ‘International Patent and Trademark Service’. It depicted my trademark, the classes I had applied for and was asking for 970 Euros. To all intents and purposes it looked like an invoice as part of the registration process. However, I knew I had already paid my fees and so on looking at the very small print in the letter, it emerged that it had absolutely nothing to do with my trademark registration and was a scam!

IPTSThe letter was actually an invitation from a company in Bratislava to part with 970 Euros in return for a listing on their database with no government connection whatsoever.

So once again the lesson is: always read the small print and if it doesn’t feel right, you are probably right.
Be a savvy entrepreneur!