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Intellectual Property

Customer of the month- growing in leaps and bounds!

Sunday, March 8th, 2015
Copyright 2015 Bobby Rabbit. Bobby Ravbbit is the registered trademark of Nicky King

Bobby Rabbit is the registered trade mark of Nicky King

Bobby Rabbit

Business: Beautiful Children’s Interiors



Their story in the founder’s own words: “Hello, I’m Nicky.  And this is the story of a well-loved toy rabbit. Bobby arrived on my very first birthday, with lots of love from my nana. And from that day onwards – and for many years afterwards – he accompanied me everywhere. Today, over thirty years later (and with 2 wonderful children of my own), I am incredibly excited to be realising a lifelong ambition and launching a

Meet Bobby Rabbit!

Meet Bobby Rabbit!

website dedicated to stylish children’s interiors, beautiful toys and inspirational party ideas. Having spent nine years in Paris and London, sourcing and creating design-led children’s interiors and toys, and more recently becoming a mum myself, I know how long it can take to find something really special that doesn’t cost the earth. And as a busy parent, time is precious. Bobby Rabbit, named after my very own childhood treasure, aims to unite the very best products for babies and children under the age of eight in one place, under one roof.”

Legal problem: Nicky faced all of the problems that most start ups encounter. Given her personal ties to the brand, it was vital to her to protect her business name and logo. She was  also worried that in giving advice in relation to childrens’ interiors and accessories should could expose herself to liability.

How Off to see my lawyer helped: we were able to advise on terms to limit her liability  and our Starter Pack was the most cost effective option to get her website going. Our expert trademark lawyer helped her to register Bobby Rabbit as a trademark so that is now safely protected.

A cosy den corner designed by Nicky King

A cosy den corner designed by Nicky King

In the words of the customer: ” Starting a new venture is never easy, but it becomes so much simpler when you find the right people to work with. Jo has been incredibly supportive and reassuring during the two years I have worked with her in establishing my business. She is professional, efficient and extremely approachable, always available on the end of the phone or email no matter how small or large the query. It is real pleasure to work with her and I would wholeheartedly recommend her services.”

Do you own the images on your website?

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

There is a common presumption that images appearing on the internet are a ‘free for all’ and therefore can be copied and pasted at will in order to brighten up your website, recent blog post or marketing materials. But did you know that all images, whether indicated as such or otherwise, will contain copyright and if you are not the copyright owner or have the permission of such owner, then using the image in question could have potentially costly consequences?

Copyright Shockingly Delicious content  © 2014

Copyright Shockingly Delicious content © 2014

The copyright owner of a photograph for example will generally be the freelance photographer who took the image in question, the only exception being if they took it as part of their role as employee, in which case the copyright will be owned by their employer.

If you use the image without the owner’s prior permission therefore they could legitimately ask you to pay them compensation for infringing their rights. Some photographers entrust their rights to organisations such as Getty Images who licence out the images on their behalf in exchange for the payment of a one-off licence fee. Be aware though that such organisations are generally very committed to policing the use of the images entrusted to them – clients of mine have been sent letters requesting thousands of pounds in compensation for using their images without having paid the appropriate licence fee.

So the moral of the story is this, think carefully before using any images you find on the internet and if in doubt, it’s probably best not to use them!

If you are concerned about the images you are using on your website and want to ensure you own all the correct rights please get in touch by either emailing us on or calling 020 8946 2355.