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Customer of the month

Customer of the month: Kitchen Table Projects

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Business: London’s first retail incubator and school for artisan food producers


Kitchen Table ProjectsTheir story: It all started one day, when founder, Tara, working as a pastry chef, realised she couldn’t remember what day it was. They all looked the same. She loved ‘cheffing’, but knew that she didn’t want to become an old granny chef without ever having done anything exciting. So she quit her job, set up a little market stall at her university and put her baking skills to work. It was a roaring success. And she wasn’t getting yelled at by a scary chef anymore! One thing led to another and wanting to pass her skills on to other food artisans, she has just established herself in Old Street Station, London and set up ‘Kitchen Table Projects’. Her mission: to help emerging artisan food producers make their visions come to life. Not only will they be able to sell their products through her shop, but they can also join the School of Food where they will learn everything they need to run a business around their artisan foods. A select lucky 15 food producers will be invited to join a 12 week programme to kick-start their business this summer. They will be provided with retail sales space in Tara’s foodie shop, support from industry experts ( including Off to see my Lawyer) & networking opportunities with fellow food producers who want to take their business to the next level. If you are a budding food producer or know of someone who is, make sure you apply by 15th May 2015 by visiting their website:

Legal problem: Kitchen Table Projects needed help at many levels including securing the brand name as a trademark, making sure the website was legal, advice on the lease of the premises and taking on staff as well as terms with all of her suppliers.

How Off to see my lawyer helped:  Thanks to our team of specialist lawyers, were able to help with all of those areas and so that Tara could keep to a budget, we gave her the option of using both the ‘oven ready templates’ for her to tailor herself as well as bespoke terms to cover things such as the courses and relationships with suppliers.

In the words of the customer: “Kitchen Table Projects has benefited hugely from Jo’s fabulous approach to working with small businesses. Knowing that Jo is just an email away gives us the confidence to take our business to where we want it to be and we have always been thoroughly impressed with the service we have received. We would recommend her firm wholeheartedly to anyone looking for legal advice, help and support.”

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Customer of the month-From studio to beautiful home…

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

 Business: Amory Brown, a creative design studio based in the heart of Central London amory-brown-logo


English Home magazine cover


Their story: founded by Lucy Heathcoat Amory and Hannah Brown and now proudly featured in leading glossy interior design magazines! Brilliant!

Legal problem: Having run the business for 5 years , Hannah always had a nagging concern about not having a water-tight contract document which she could use with her clients.  The interior design projects involve a lot of different elements, rely on close attention to detail and bring in many different contractors and suppliers, so there is a lot of room for mistakes and problems to arise.  Initially she had drawn up her own simple contract letter and then moved onto using an industry standard contract. However this seemed totally non-user-friendly, overly lengthy and was not completely up to date.  She needed something which made her feel protected from all the problems she had learned could arise whilst undertaking work for her clients.

How Off to see my lawyer helped: We put together legal terms that were user friendly both in terms of aligning with what happended in practice and having terms that were understandable to Amory Brown’s non business clients. We also reduced the business’ exposure to subcontractors who had no legal contract at all by making sure that they too were subject to proper legal terms.

Some of their beautiful designs

Some of their beautiful designs

In the words of the customer: ” Off To See My Lawyer asked me to provide as much detail as I could about the way I work and the problems that have arisen in the past on projects and then provided and tailored a package of easy to read documents which covered all the required areas; letter of appointment, fee schedule, services schedule and our terms of business.  There was no need for a face to face meeting although there was an email dialogue that ensued until all the documents covered everything that I wanted them to cover and were accurate to my business.  They also suggested that I needed a contract with my suppliers as well as my clients which is something I had not considered before.   

The service provided and the documentation supplied was easy to comprehend and did not seem to be filled with jargon that I didn’t understand.  If I did have anything that wasn’t clear to me, Off To See My Lawyer cleared it up quickly by email or over the phone.  Because there was no need for face to face meetings, this cut down on the hourly rate fee and in fact we agreed to a fixed fee which allowed me to feel comfortable with the investment and not worry that the hours would mount up beyond my budget.

 I now feel much more professional and protected because I know thought and time has been put into creating two contracts which are tailored to my business and my needs.”

Customer of the month- growing in leaps and bounds!

Sunday, March 8th, 2015
Copyright 2015 Bobby Rabbit. Bobby Ravbbit is the registered trademark of Nicky King

Bobby Rabbit is the registered trade mark of Nicky King

Bobby Rabbit

Business: Beautiful Children’s Interiors



Their story in the founder’s own words: “Hello, I’m Nicky.  And this is the story of a well-loved toy rabbit. Bobby arrived on my very first birthday, with lots of love from my nana. And from that day onwards – and for many years afterwards – he accompanied me everywhere. Today, over thirty years later (and with 2 wonderful children of my own), I am incredibly excited to be realising a lifelong ambition and launching a

Meet Bobby Rabbit!

Meet Bobby Rabbit!

website dedicated to stylish children’s interiors, beautiful toys and inspirational party ideas. Having spent nine years in Paris and London, sourcing and creating design-led children’s interiors and toys, and more recently becoming a mum myself, I know how long it can take to find something really special that doesn’t cost the earth. And as a busy parent, time is precious. Bobby Rabbit, named after my very own childhood treasure, aims to unite the very best products for babies and children under the age of eight in one place, under one roof.”

Legal problem: Nicky faced all of the problems that most start ups encounter. Given her personal ties to the brand, it was vital to her to protect her business name and logo. She was  also worried that in giving advice in relation to childrens’ interiors and accessories should could expose herself to liability.

How Off to see my lawyer helped: we were able to advise on terms to limit her liability  and our Starter Pack was the most cost effective option to get her website going. Our expert trademark lawyer helped her to register Bobby Rabbit as a trademark so that is now safely protected.

A cosy den corner designed by Nicky King

A cosy den corner designed by Nicky King

In the words of the customer: ” Starting a new venture is never easy, but it becomes so much simpler when you find the right people to work with. Jo has been incredibly supportive and reassuring during the two years I have worked with her in establishing my business. She is professional, efficient and extremely approachable, always available on the end of the phone or email no matter how small or large the query. It is real pleasure to work with her and I would wholeheartedly recommend her services.”

Customer of the month: Madderson London

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Business: Designer women’s and maternity wear

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge officially names The Clore Art Room at Barlby Primary School Copyright 2014 Rex Features Ltd

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge officially names The Clore Art Room at Barlby Primary School
Copyright 2014 Rex Features Ltd


Their story: The company originated in 2012 as a maternity brand. The founders, Sara Madderson and Helen Hughes, both worked for large corporations during their first pregnancies and saw the opportunity for a luxury maternity wear line that allowed strong, style conscious women to retain their sense of self and to indulge their love of fashion while pregnant. Who should come along to buy one of these lovely dresses, but the Duchess of Cambridge! Needless to say, sales are going through the roof..

Legal problem: the popularity of the dresses thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge wearing one of them, attracted a large women’s wear company to Madderson London. They wanted to buy their dresses too, but wanted to have exclusivity on them. They submitted a contract with very stringent terms and lots of legal jargon which Sara and Helen were nervous of signing.

How Off to see my lawyer helped: We reviewed the buyers terms and not only spotted terms that would have potentially stopped ML from supplying dresses to anyone else but were able to reduce the impact of the exclusivity clause and ensure that ML could still sell to other customers.

Sara Madderson

Sara Madderson

In the words of the customer: ” Jo has been an invaluable asset to us since we set up our company, and we have quickly come to realise that not involving her in our business is a false economy. She is friendly, accessible, extremely efficient, clear-thinking and excellent at communicating legal quandaries, and our legal options, in laymen’s terms. Her pricing structure and product offering are both reasonable and highly transparent. In short, it is a wonderful luxury to have Jo’s team’s expertise at the other end of the phone whenever we need it. We have come to think of Jo and her team as an extremely flexible and highly skilled extension of our own team.”

Festive glow from one of our clients

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Soy Candle Collection The Soy Candle Collection sells beautiful hand-made candles made from 100% eco soy wax, which is produced from pure soybean oil. The business was set up by two friends and we helped draw up the agreement between them covering all key areas such as how they would make decisions, how profits were to be split, what they could spend money on and how to deal with the situation if one of them wanted to leave or was unable to continue. One year on they are still going strong and we like to think it is because they are built on solid foundations.  Take a peek at their range here.

The founder commented:  ” We have been delighted with Off To See My Lawyer!  Jo offers a very professional service, delivered in an approachable and friendly manner, effectively communicates and translates complex legal requirements into a workable business format to help build and support our business. Jo’s help has been very valuable and we would highly recommend Off To See My Lawyer.  Thank you Jo!”

Fit For A Princess

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Background: Fit for a Princess Ltd ( ) was set up in 2003 and specializes in group outdoor workouts and boot camps for women. One of our lawyers was enticed into one of the bootcamps despite 6 am starts and is now a FFP groupie!  They also offer personal training and a host of female- focused fitness events & workshops .When they decided to offer e-books, training videos  and other goodies from their on-line store, they realised they would need detailed terms & conditions  and a formal ordering process.

How we helped: Off to see my lawyer carried out a free business health check which led to a ‘shopping list’ of legal documents to protect the company. Fit for a Princess Ltd instructed us to prepare virtually all of the documents on the list. This was a mix of ready-made documents from our document shop and tailor made terms of business for them. They now plan to expand the business by franchising the brand and again we have been able to help by drafting  the Franchise Agreement and ensuring the business is protected as it spreads its wings..

Customer’s feedback: “Jo Tall really is the Mary Poppins lawyer; she is professional, friendly and has a way of bringing even the most boring of things to life! She brings all the legal jargon into joe bloggs language which means you come away from meetings or reading documents actually understanding it all. For us, the best thing was her looking at what we needed, prioritising what we had to do, letting us do some of the basic stuff and giving us a summary of what she was going to do, how much time it was going to take and the cost implications for each thing.  There was no hard sell with her and we trust her implicitly, we know she has a genuine interest in our business and she is so very passionate about what she does. We couldn’t recommend her more!”- Janey Holliday, Director, Fit for a Princess Ltd