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Get your Business Going in Government Buildings

Many Government buildings currently lie vacant or under-used, due to cuts to public funding.  Last week the Prime Minister announced that he plans to offer some of these workspaces to small firms and new enterprises in a bid to kick-start the economy.  Over 300 Government buildings premises will be offered at low rates (subsidised by the tax-payer) for one year on “flexible, short-term arrangements”, so new and small businesses can establish themselves.

As well as helping entrepreneurs, the initiative will give a much-needed boost to Treasury finances.

Mr Cameron is enthusiastic that 2012 will be “the year we get behind Britain’s grafters, doers, hard-workers and entrepreneurs… Enterprise is what we do in Britain. This is the year that, more than ever, we’ve got to go for it.”

In addition the Prime Minister will launch a campaign aimed at encouraging people to believe “there is a business in everyone”, whereby more successful companies will be encouraged to hold workshops and give advice to smaller enterprises.  The scheme will be advertised on the radio, in newspapers and on billboards throughout the year.

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