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Top Tips on how to expand your business

We have sourced some more business advice from the Business Section of the BBC website…

Tom Ryan (founder of Smashburger) states that if you intend to expand your business, you need to not only scale up your resources, but ensure that your staff have the necessary skills and talents to maintain the quality of your products and services.  In short, you should take measures to prevent the original integrity of your brand from diluting.

Businesses selling goods to customers would do well to follow the advice of Dieter Burmester (founder of luxury German hi-fi company Burmester).  He stresses that potential customers are much more like to do be drawn to a product or brand when it has been endorsed to them personally.  This could mean a personal recommendation from a satisfied customer; or from a positive first hand experience with the business owner.

Similarly, when sourcing new clients in a service-based industry, Ron Mahabir (Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur and start-up adviser) recommends the benefits of off-line networking – and more specifically “word-of-mouth referrals and a significant amount of personal interaction”.

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