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Why NOW Is The Right Time For You To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Hundreds of hugely successful businesses began in times of great adversity; find out how you and your business can become one of them!

You may not realise it but companies like Foxtons, Specsvers and even HP all started and grew in times of economic crisis! In fact times of adversity and economic downturn just like these have been proven time and time again to be one of the best times to start and grow a business it’s when fortunes are made!

So HOW is it done?

How can you create or grow a thriving business when all around you are prophesising doom and gloom?

The ANSWER to that question is simple…

Any good coach or mentor will tell you find someone who has done it before and model their success, get into the minds of those responsible for creating successful businesses like Foxtons and Specsavers, entrepreneurs, business owners and champions of industry with years of experience – who are ready and willing to help your business grow in 2012.

Easier said than done, unless you’re very well connected!

Until NOW that is…

Imagine if you had the opportunity to meet real business leaders, entrepreneurs with many years of business success and failures behind them but familiar with the pressures of running a business. People willing to share with you their experiences and able to guide and advise you in an environment conducive to learning, networking and sharing.  An environment with no other agenda than to share experiences, strategies and solutions to achieving success in business.

Introducing Peace One Day Insight

Peace One Day ‘Insights’ has been created for entrepreneurs, business leaders and SME owners alike to deliver valuable content direct from business owners who have been there and done it.  They will also inspirie and provide a unique networking environment where you can mix and exchange ideas with other like-minded businesses owners and entrepreneurs

Peace one Day Insights provide the opportunity to network and most importantly, connect with some of the most successful and brightest minds in business.

Previous speakers include Richard Reed (Founder Innocent Drinks), Simon Woodroffe OBE (BBC Dragon, Founder YO! Sushi) and Mike Harris (Founder First Direct Bank, Egg Bank).

Peace one Day Insights takes place every 3 months at a Central London location with all proceeds from ticket sales going to support the marvellous efforts of Peace One Day and it’s operatives providing relief and support throughout the world.

To find out what all the fuss is about (whilst contributing to a very deserving and hardworking charity) why not join us for our next event…

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