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Putting Mrs Moneypenny’s advice to the test…

I recently came across Mrs Moneypenny’s bestseller: ‘Career’s advice for ambitious women’ . Wanting to know the tricks of the trade of an Mrs Moneypennyambitious woman, I promptly bought the book and read it from cover to cover. That is until I had a little mishap with it! I too am a working mother  with two  teenage ‘cost centres’ (to use Mrs Moneypenny’s affectionate term for children!). Both have increasingly demanding timetables. As part of my  New Year’s resolutions, I had decided to take 4 weeks off in the summer to be a true Mum and spend quality time with them. This involved a massive amount of juggling of appointments, setting up out of office procedures, turning down jobs….Despite all this, the precious 4 weeks started to be eroded by their unmissable parties, exams results days, work experience opportunities etc and the final straw came when it was announced that a further chunk had been cut out without any discussion with me. We were now down to 1 week!

Clearly I must have been “ little” hormonal myself and stomped off into my office. The first thing I saw was Mrs Moneypenny’s book and I hate to confess to this, but the title made me see red! I thought “how on earth can I plan to be ambitious when I can’t even organise 4 weeks off?” and at that point I tore the book into several pieces! Quite a feat considering it was the hard copy! Needless to say I immediately regretted it, as I was really enjoying the book. The priceless bit came when a week later I was on half term break with youngest costcentre in Cornwall . We had decided to have breakfast together in bed and read our books all morning. Imagine her amusement when I pulled out my fragments of book and had to humbly confess how it had “fallen apart”! So much for my exemplary adult behaviour!

I have since managed to finish the book and I highly recommend it.Maybe I should have taken more heed of Mrs Monneypenny’s chapter: “You can’t have it all!

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  1. This article really inspired to buy Mrs Moneypenny’s book which has just been dispatched from Amazon. I saw her by accident this year at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and I always get the kids to put superscrimpers on the TV so now is definitely the time to read her book!

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