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Martha Lane Fox

You could say that Martha Lane Fox is something of a “serial entrepreneur”.  Co-founder of she now leads a number of other enterprises:

By launching Race Online 2012 back in March 2010 she aspires to “make the UK the first nation in the world where everyone can use the web”.  Impressed by this initiative, the newly formed Coalition Government appointed her in June 2010 to advise them on how to provide better, more efficient online public services and how to help more people benefit from the power of the internet.  Her title, no less, is “UK Digital Champion”!  (

Martha Lane Fox also formed the organisation Antigone in 2007 which collaborates with a number of charities every year.  The aim is to learn about the needs of socially excluded people, and to help promote their causes to the Government and the press – thereby facilitating their financial situation and ultimately their success and well-being.  (

Another business which Ms Lane Fox runs is a karaoke chain called Lucky Voice.  (

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