Off To See My Lawyer
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Life’s little surprises

On a totally non-legal note, I thought I would share an unexpected and yet wonderful experience with you. I turned up at my early morning outdoor bootcamp the other day feeling weary and with the intention of doing the bare minimum. Our exercises progressed from the usual warm up to the cardio bit when we had to do mini sprints and recovery runs. A fellow bootcamper, a rugby blue and barrister ( I knew I had to fit the law in somewhere!) who is seriously quick on her feet, challenged me to keep up with her. Next thing I was runnuing like the wind, hot on her heels. Another bootcamper rose to the challenge too and so I could hear her close behind me. We collapsed in a heap at the end, only to have to repeat it all  over again. This time it was harder and yet instead of racing ahead, my lovely barrister held back enough for me to just about keep up whilst urging ” Come on Jo-stick with me!” Sure enough, I managed to hang in there and keep up. We collapsed again in a heap at the end, but feeling elated. I don’t know why it made such an impression on me, but I was on a high for the rest of the day- and still am.. Maybe it is the fact that when you are in a position of leadership, if you are having a low moment, there are rarely people out there to lead you out of it. And if there are, they may well see it as their opportunity to streak ahead and leave you behind.

Well, my bootcamp morning was one of those precious moments when I was swept up and put back on the crest of a wave. I hope you all come across them too … 🙂

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