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Lawyer found with tagged (stolen?) shirt

Something happened to me recently which was both really annoying and embarrassing at the same time, but now in retrospect is actually quite funny. It reminded me also why we lawyers do have to draft contracts assuming the worst or most unthinkable scenario – because it does occasionally happen!

I was attending an important event with a small group of colleagues and came up with the bright idea that we should all wear the same blouses and really create a team look and stand out. Needless to say, I had left their purchase until the last minute and just threw the bag of brand new blouses in with all the other gear I needed, not bothering to unpack them until minutes before the show opened. Imagine my horror when I pulled mine out of its package only to find it had its security tag still firmly attached! A nice clumpy bit of plastic right in the centre of my back and no way of removing it! I had visions of people looking at me suspiciously and thinking: “that lawyer is wearing stolen goods!” and me trying to explain the real scenario. My colleagues thought it was hilarious! Luckily, I have long hair and was able to hide the offending tag.I felt very uncomfortable nevertheless.

Luckily there weren't two of them!

Next time you give your lawyer grief for going over the top with clauses in a contract that deal with the ‘what if’s…’, think of me and my tag!

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