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Handy Checklist- Conventional Marketing

  • Do you ‘make what you can sell’ or try to ‘sell what you can make’?
  • How carefully do you collect and analyse your sales data?
  • What are the key research objectives you need to answer?  Have you carried out any primary research?  How objective have you made it?
  • What is your ideal customer profile?  Does it exist in your area?
  • Have you clearly identified your USP?  What sort of potential market does this direct you to?  Does it exist in your area?
  • Have you considered all potential markets in your area?  Are you going for the most accessible and/or lucrative?  If not, are you happy why this is the case?
  • How can you best reach your customers?  Do you have any experience with this form of media?  Do you know how best to utilise it?
  • Are you confident your cost of marketing for any event is less than its minimum likely return?  If not, do you know why you are spending money on it?
  • Does your product or service lend itself to direct marketing?  If not, are you sure there is not an angle you are missing?
  • Consider using an advertising agency if you plan to spend more than £10,000 on advertising.
  • Have you considered investing in a PR agent?  If so, do you have a mutually agreed list of targets and a timetable to achieve them by?
  • Be careful to evaluate the benefits of taking space at trade exhibitions before committing to the expense.

For any advice relating to the law of advertising and marketing (whether on-line or otherwise), please contact Joanna Tall at

By law you need to have obtained the prior consent of customers/clients before targeting them in order to market your products or services.  This consent is usually given at the time of registration/subscription, when customers/clients provide you with their personal data and they are require to read your Privacy Policy.  Off to see my lawyer can help you draft a bespoke Privacy Policy, or you may prefer to purchase our generic Privacy Policy template from our “Oven Ready Document Shop” at

Checklist Source: Start Up & Run Your Own Business: The Essential Guide to Planning, Funding & Growing your New Enterprise by Jonathan Reuvid (Kogan Page; 8th edition 2011)

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