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Female Entrepreneur Focus: Corina Kellam

Starting her career in broadcast journalism, Corina Kellam later founded the first company to create bespoke memoir books for the general public based upon the research of historians in 2009.  The initial concept of a memoir detailing ones family history is appealing and fashionable nowadays – but in addition, the success of Life History Books can be attributed to the quality of its design, and the competitiveness of its prices.

Kellam is only 29 years old.  She was recently interviewed for a magazine, in which she set out some advice to fellow business-women.  In essence her top tips are as follows:

  1. Make sure you remain control of your own website, instead of delegating the responsibility to a third party.
  2. Every morning make a list of three things you want to achieve that day.
  3. Listen to any feedback which your customers/clients give on your products or services.
  4. Determine exactly what you want your customers/clients to understand about you and what your business offers, and practice relating your description out loud.
  5. Don’t spend money unnecessarily.

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