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Fame at last!

Excited to feature as resident lawyer in the new glossy magazine ‘The Market’, the new inspiration for business, investment and culture -on sale now in all newsagents!All of the articles are in a delightfully simple format and not too heavy. And I love the way it has some nice treat bits too such as tips on travel,fashion and other goodies.More importantly, it is linked to the Entrepreneurs Business Academy founded by James Caan, a great source of advice and courses if you need help . Go to: for more information.

And good luck to Amanda Morreale, founder of the magazine. I think it looks great and look forward to the next issue 😀

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3 Responses to “Fame at last!”

  1. ben w says:

    hi there, fouind you through mike Southon’s piece in the FT…..the link is wrong should be

  2. Jo Tall says:

    Dear Ben,thanks for pointing that out.Now corrected.Kind regards

  3. Just right this particular write-up, I seriously think impartial needs additional consideration. I’ll more likely be again to read simple things m

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