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Ever heard of speed-mentoring?

This year the Southbank Centre hosted a Women of the World festival in celebration of International Women’s Day (8 March).  One particular networking event took its inspiration from the concept of “speed-dating” – a so-called “speed-mentoring” event.

The combined number of mentors and protogées (referred to for the purposes of this event as “mentees”) reached around 300.  The mentors were women from all walks of life, sat in a semi-circle facing outwards.  Once the bell sounded, the mentees would take it in turns to go and speak to a mentor for exactly 15 minutes before moving on.  Each mentee was allowed to speak to four different mentors.

We like this idea at Off to see my Lawyer, and will keep you informed of any similar speed-mentoring events we hear about coming up in the future!

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