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Did you know that the ASA will soon begin to regulate marketing communications on your website?

From 1 March, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will begin to regulate marketing communications on companies’ own websites under the CAP Code. With that date fast approaching, CAP Copy Advice has introduced a new bespoke website audit service for advertisers who want the peace of mind of knowing that their online marketing communications are likely to comply with the mandatory rules.

Copy Advice Website Audits offer a tailored and expert assessment of your marketing communications on your website against the CAP Code with a view to encouraging and promoting compliance with the advertising rules.

The audits identify:

?         The parts of websites that are likely to feature marketing communications covered by the advertising rules

?         The broad regulatory issues raised by marketing communications on websites e.g. price claims, health and nutrition claims, availability of goods or services, environmental claims, protection of under 18s and children etc.

?         Examples of marketing communications on a company’s website that are likely to breach the CAP Code and advice about how to amend them

?         ASA adjudications or other information relevant to the potential breaches of the CAP Code identified on the website.

Copy Advice website audits are provided as a premium service. A standard audit costs £800 + VAT and takes up to 10 working days to complete. As the content and depth of each website can vary significantly, the Copy Advice team will undertake an audit only after confirming the scope of the request and the final amount payable. Non-standard requests that require more extensive resources may be subject to an additional charge.

Interested?  Please visit the Copy Advice Website Audits section to see an example of a standard Copy Advice website audit and details on how you can take advantage of this new service.

Why gamble with the ASA? Make use of CAP Services for all the help you need to comply with the Advertising Codes, from free newsletters and online tools to training events. Sign up to CAP Services now!

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