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Check your pockets or you may end up with a £500,000 fine!

I was stunned to read in a recent survey that last year 4,500 memory sticks were forgotten in people’s pockets as they took their clothes to be washed at the local dry cleaners! I have washed a couple of my daughters’ memory sticks  which were stuck in skirt pockets, but I didn’t realise this happened on such a large scale. 🙄 As I pointed out in an ealier blog, from 6th April onwards if data is lost and it causes a major security breach, this could now cost a company up to £500k in fines . This is because of the new powers given to the Information Commissioner’s office to fine companies who have not sufficiently protected customers details under the Data Protection Act .

If you use memory sticks, check out the ones that can be encrypted such as the ‘Safe Stick’. There are also some clever ones that self detruct if you find you have lost one or that an employee has stolen vital data on a memory stick.. More on that soon

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