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Beware of the domain name renewal scam!

DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR the Domain Renewal Group, if you do happen to receive a letter from them!!!!! They are a bunch of scam-artists – a client is still struggling to get back her money from them.

Generally, genuine Domain Registrar companies will only remind you 60 days in advance about your domain names – but what these b***ers do is pre-empt that by contacting you FOUR months in advance. The info is available off the “WHOIS” site which shows all domain info worldwide – I can tell that as previously they addressed me as “TLR Internet Marketing” but that business no longer exists.

So… what can you do?

  1. Always know who you purchased your domain name(s) from – they are the ONLY ones you actually need to pay for renewals each year or two (depending on the length of time you made your original purchase for).
  2. Find out from your domain registrar if you can purchase a privacy option for your domain(s) – this prevents your info from being on the WHOIS ( and other sites

If you aren’t sure about letters related to your websites, ask your webmaster/mistress. As a rule of thumb though, if you purchased yoru domain or hosting online, communications will be online

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