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Better Business Bureau scam

I have been receiving e-mails recently from the Better Business Bureau- or so I thought. However, on closer inspection, I had a sneeky suspicion it wasn’t actually from them. The e-mail advised me that there was a complaint against my business and I should click on a link to find out the details of the complaint. I didn’t and instead did quick Google search against “Better Business Bureau” and found the following article which confirmed by suspicion that it was a scam:

The Better Business Bureau is issuing an urgent scam alert cautioning businesses and consumers about an e-mail that looks like it’s from BBB, with the subject line “Complaint from your customers.” This e-mail is fraudulent, the BBB said in a statement.

The BBB urges consumers to ignore the e-mail’s contents and delete it immediately. If you’ve already clicked on a link in the e-mail, run a full virus scan of your computer.

The return e-mail address is, an address the BBB doesn’t use, and it’s signed with the address of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, the national office of the BBB system. The e-mail contains a link to a non-BBB web site. Don’t click on the link.

The BBB is working with law enforcement to determine the source of the e-mails and stop the fraudulent campaign.

The BBB serving Alaska, Oregon, and Western Washington reports two weeks after fake BBB complaint notices hit businesses nationwide, it’s once again receiving local reports of these suspicious emails. The organization advises consumers to report fraudulent emails to

SO:Please do be careful with anything that you do not recognise. Another great option if in doubt is to go to any of the anti-virus companies e.g. Norton and they usually have a section on scams where you can enter details of a suspicious email and it will tell you if it is a scam or not.

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