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Think before you link

Linking  to others’ websites is a good idea PROVIDED you carry out a few little checks. Otherwise you could find yourself in deep trouble (and possibly in need of a lawyer!)

  • Check that  the terms of the site you link to allow you to link to them.You should find the answer in their website terms of use which are usually reached via a link from the homepage
  • Warn your customers that they are leaving your site,especially if the other site is embedded in your site i.e. looks as if it is part of your site
  • Make sure your website terms of use say that you are not liable for linked site’s content .
  • Don’t include the linked site’s logos, trademarks or content on your site without their permission or they could bring a claim against you for damages (e.g. for breach of copyright or ‘passing off’..)
  • Make sure you acknowledge the other site’s trademark and/or copyright notices e.g. “Windows” is the registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation”
  • Ideally have a formal linking agreement which not only lessens risk but can establish a positive partnership and create revenue 😀

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