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Key questions to ask yourself on data protection

If you are gathering personal details on your website or in business, ask yourself these questions to see if you comply with the Data Protection Act. A “YES” does not guarantee compliance, but it means you are heading in the right direction. If you don’t have one, a Privacy Policy can be found in our document shop.

  • Do I really need this information about an individual? Do I know what I am going to use it for?
  • Do the people whose information I hold know that I’ve got it, and are they likely to understand what it will be used for?
  • If I’m asked to pass on personal information, would the people whose information I hold expect me to do this?
  • Am I satisfied the information is being held securely, whether its on paper or on computer? And what about my website? Is it secure?
  • Is access to personal information limited to those who absolutely need to know?
  • Am I sure the personal information is accurate and up to date?
  • Do I delete or destroy personal information as soon as I have no need for it?
  • Have I trained my staff in their responsibilities under the Data Protection Act? Are they fulfilling them in practice?
  • Do I need to notify the Information Commissioner? If so, is my notification up to date?

For more information and advice on good information handling go to : or phone 08456 306060

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