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“Much Ado…” but with very little substance!

As we customarily help small businesses and entrepreneurs draft their contracts and policies in the most concise and comprehensible way possible, Off To See My Lawyer are very surprised to discover that certain large organisations have recently been criticised by Which? for the lengthy and therefore burdensome Terms and Conditions which they expect their customers to read and accept.

Whereas Shakespeare’s longest play “Hamlet” contains 30,066 words, PayPal expect visitors to their website to read and consent to Terms and Conditions reaching 36,275 words.  The length of “Macbeth” (containing 18,110 words) is comparable to Apple’s iTunes’ legal agreements, which contain 19,972 (plus an additional 10,724 for those wanting to use Apple iCloud).  Amazon have also come under scrutiny for expecting customers ordering products via their website to read 5,212 words of Terms and Conditions, and 7,115 words when downloading Kindle books.

Of course, we know that that these companies would have been spared such disapproval from Which? had they sought the advice of  Off To See My Lawyer when drafting their legal agreements!

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