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The Customer is Not Always Bright!

While you need to take care that your products/services are not advertised in a misleading manner, it is heartening to know that UK regulatory bodies protect the rights of consumers with common sense.

Alpro (UK) Ltd, the company best known for its soya milk-based products, has recently launched two new drinks referred to as “almond milk” and “hazelnut milk”.  Its advertisements give the impression that nuts can be “milked”, and feature images of nuts with milky-coloured liquid pouring out of them. 

Complaints have been made by two members of the public, alleging that the adverts are misleading, because the drinks only contain 2% of actual almond (or 2.5% of actual hazelnut).  The Advertising Standards Agency have not upheld these complaints, as they consider it common knowledge that nuts cannot in fact be “milked”, and that therefore most of the liquid is unlikely to derive from the nuts themselves.

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